Framed Ornament Heart

If you didn't know that Christmas ornaments are 90% off at Target, now you do.  I picked up a package of little red ornaments to fill in some bald spots on this project, which happened when it fell off my door-twice, before storing it for the year.  Once I filled in the spots with matching glittered ornaments I had some other red ornaments left over, and my glue gun was still plugged in...
I ran upstairs to my frame stash (aka frames I haven't hung yet) and found a black frame that I probably won't be using for a long time ever.  After taking out the glass I found some white paper and put it in the frame.  Next I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and traced the shape in the middle of the paper.  The ornaments stayed on easily once they were glued.
 I love how simple this is.
 It fit on to my wall above my piano perfectly and added just enough pop of color.
Here's the view from the side, it almost looks like they are little light bulbs.

It probably cost me $.25-because I had the frame and the ornaments were so inexpensive.
This would look cute if the heart was filled in with ornaments too.  Do you think it looks too Christmas-y?

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Dollar Store Crafter said...

What A Cute Idea !! I Love It !!

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