Happy Birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday! Word Art

Did you have a great weekend?  We did and loved the beautiful weather.  I'm sorry that most of the country has had crazy hot weather-the weather out here has been absolutely perfect.  The few days that we reached the high nineties afternoon storms rolled in and cooled it off-so nice.  I"m not bragging, just trying to remember how we felt this summer.
Labor day around these parts brings two things.
1. The Rib Cook Off-a good friend of ours said it is his favorite holiday.

2. A Birthday for my baby.
He has been telling us about this birthday for several weeks-it's the first birthday that he understands more of what is going on, especially what presents mean.  I'll be showing you some of the presents I made for him, but for now I wanted to show you our new word art that we put up for the birthday.  It will be a tradition now to put it up for each birthday.
It's the song we sing instead of the traditional Happy Birthday tune.  It's upbeat and doesn't drag on.  I tried to find someone singing it online and couldn't-so I made my own recording...

If you would like the file of the word art let me know and I will email it to you.

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Erin said...

LOVE this! Thank you!!!

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