Quilt Inspiration

The end of Summer and September around here are so full activities.  It begins with an old car show, then a rib cook off and last weekend was the Hot Air Balloon Races, then followed up by the Air Races.  Each is so fun to take kids to and enjoy family time.
We decided to go to the balloon races again this year.  We might be crazy, we woke up at 3:30 and left our house by 3:45 just so we could see this...
It is awesome to be surrounded by thousands in the dark and have the balloons glow all at the same time.
They have special permission and licenses to be flying in the dark.
As we watched the balloons I couldn't help but think of quilt tops.  Wouldn't these be so fun to stitch up?  The colors are all brilliant and simple.
After the dawn patrol and the glow show we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise.
Just after sunrise the mass accent begins.

Within minutes balloons are scattered across the sky.  I'm saving my pennies so I can stitch up a quilt or two that look just like the balloons.  My hubby even suggested sewing a quilt with balloons on it-it would be fun to try it out for sure.
We were back home and ready for a nap by 9.  It was a great event and always worth the extra effort at the early hour.

On a different note...

Last Friday we heard a lots of sirens around town and couldn't figure out what was going on.  Our hearts dropped when we found out about the deadly crash at the air races.  I know several people that were in attendance when the crash happened, they are all safe.  One man who is a retired fireman said that it was the worst thing he has ever seen.  After an event like that it makes you give your loved ones an extra squeeze.  Hope you all are doing well.

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