Mother May I...Baby Shoes

When it comes to baby shoes I really have to put limits on my spending.  There is just something about those chubby little toes.

For this post I've separated the shoes into crib shoes (aka non walking to toddling) and to toddler shoes. All of my children have worn each of these types of shoes-obviously my little guy has had to have his own handsome shoes. We love them and I recommend them to anyone who asks. All of the shoes mentioned below come in boy and girl options-I just picked girl shoes to show this time.

First up crib shoes:

Crib shoes are the shoes with a slim soul. Some experts say you want your children to learn to walk barefoot--but for those of us who live in a cold climate we need to cover their toes.

Pedipeds Originals:
  • Some of my favorites. They are so cute. They come wide-but you don't have to order in wide. The maryjane strap is positioned well so it doesn't cut into the babies leg.
  • They have boy and girl styles
  • The quality is amazing
  • Style: they have some fun shoes and also classics
  • The price isn't too bad for these $35
Freshly Picked Moccasins:
  • Cute! These are a lot like robeez..just cuter and a classic.
  • Warm. These keep toes and feet warm
  • Hard for baby to pull off. When they are the right size a baby has a hard time pulling these off.
  • Leather! These just get softer with use.
  • Price. These are on the high end for price at $60 a pair-but you can find knock offs for around $15. Just remember you pay for what you get.
  • Unisex: if you get a brown or bronze it would work for a boy or girl-making these great to pass down to siblings.
Once your baby starts to walk then run you should move up to something with more of a soul-unless you are going to clothe them in moccasins for the rest of their life. Your child will need to get used to a thicker soul-and as their foot develops they will need more arch support. I call these baby shoes-the souls are super thick but they give good support.

Squeaky Shoes-Sophie's Chiq Boutique
  • Squeak! As your toddler runs away from you give them a little freedom with a squeaky shoe. On the normal shoes the squeakers are removable.
  • Leather-most of the shoes on this site are leather
  • Price.  Most of the shoes are $15
  • The toe box is wide-great for those wiggly toes
  • Cute! Check out the site and see the cute options
  • Boy shoes too! I bought several pairs for my boy-he was a runner. He got a lot of compliments because his shoes were very cute.
Stride Rite Booties-
  • Classic-I've pictures of myself in shoes like these when I was a baby. Stride Rite has a lot of different options for the white bootie.
  • Leather-Once again, leather shoes are great. They last forever, can be polished, mold better to the shape of a foot
  • Wide-these come in wide widths. Three of my four kids have wide feet-one has thick feet. Stride Rite has a good selection of wide shoes.
  • Price: $44. Not too bad. Just check in on black friday for the best deal of the year.

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