Mother, May I...Highchair

Last time I wrote about my picks for a great diaper bag. This time I wanted to discuss another big ticket item: the Highchair.

A highchair not only costs a lot, but it takes up a huge amount of space. I do have a highchair that straps to a chair-it's great and works well for my almost 3 year old. But for my babies I have loved having a highchair-especially one with wheels.  I'm going to feature two-one that I have actually used everyday for the last nine years, and another one that is pricier and not so bright.

1. The Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair. It's not the most neutral of high chairs, but I love it-here's why:
  • Pad:Yes the pad is very bright-but it's soft, and very easy to clean. And all of my children have liked the bright colors. 
  • Tray: the tray is easy to clean and easy for an adult to take off. As my kids get older they have figured out how to take the tray off themselves-at this point we usually push the chair up to the table.
  • Wheels: when I'm trying to make dinner and my baby wants to be near me I put her in the chair and pull the chair close to me in the kitchen. The wheels lock easily-which is good and bad. Good when you don't want other children pushing the chair around the house. Bad when you try to push the chair and realize all the wheels have been locked.
  • Attachable toy. The big spinning toy actually attaches to the tray. Your baby won't be able to throw it to the ground. We have enjoyed this a lot. 
  • Chair: the chair can actually recline. This is great when you have a 3 month hold who can only hold their head up. I don't start using a high chair until my infant can hold their head up. The reclining chair is great too when your one year old falls asleep mid bite and you want to finish your lunch before taking them up to the crib.
  • 5-point seat belt: why would you need a 5-point seat belt on a high chair? So you can keep your child in the high chair when they don't want to be in the high chair. You can take the straps off and wash them when they get dirty.
  • Foldable: You can collapse the legs-it doesn't make it super small, but small enough to fit in a trunk.
  • Height: the chair height is adjustable. We've used it in all different heights. Great when you need it more as a booster seat for a toddler, or when your baby is throwing a fit to be by the other kids at the little kids table. 
  • Price: $120. I got this high chair for a lot less many years ago. I know it was on clearance at Target when I got it because they were changing the tray handles and clearing out that model year.
2. The Keekaroo High Chair
  • Neutral: So many parents want the baby things to be neutral in color so it can look good and blend in with the house. Stained rubberwood is about as neutral as you can get.
  • Design: This is a well designed high chair. It is meant to grow and adjust with your child. It can support up to 250 lbs! 
  • Accessories: the tray, padded seat, or booster and all accessories. You can buy the chair with or without them.
  • Lightweight: in the reviews of this chair people commented on how light this was for a wood chair. Which is great when you need to move it and hold a child at the same time.
  • Price: $203-$239 depending on what accessories you want with it.
When you are looking for highchairs go to a store and play around with them. Make sure you can get the tray off easily-when your child is choking and you can't get the tray off it is very frustrating.
Once again, hope this helps.

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