Towel Samari Cover Up

The kimono cover up was for my little girl.  So to make things even in the household my little guy needed a cover up too.  This one doesn't have ruffles and covered buttons so it needed a different name.  
The robe part is made the same way I made the white one.  Because there wouldn't be ruffles on the bottom I made sure the hem of the towel was at the bottom when I cut it out.  I used leftover bias tape from a quilt, meaning it was already ironed so I just had to sew it on.  

The hood is a hand towel sewn up in back and cut to shape.  The top of the hood is wider than the bottom where it is sewn on to the body.  This allows for some head movement.
Since I wasn't using covered buttons I had to have something to help keep it closed.  I cut a 5" strip of fabric and sewed it on.  One side is sewn all the way to the edge the other is only sewn to about halfway on the front--helping it to close on one side and completely cover him up.
He looks like a little Samari warrior when the hood is off...
But a Jedi when it is on.

1 comment:

BevyCrockr said...

How Adorable! I love that it covers him up so well. The little ones do come out of the water shivering like a little Chihuahua! Great tutorial!

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