Whirly Girly Skirt

I went to the fabric store yesterday to get out of the house.  It was pretty funny because my oldest learned that it was important to stay close to me.  She wandered off and pressed the emergency exit, she couldn't read the 10 signs surrounding it warning her not to touch it.  The sirens that she set off scared her, and she didn't leave my side for the rest of the visit in the store.  I was able to find some fun fabrics and made up a pattern for this skirt.
The skirt is made out of panels.  Each panel measures 4 inches at the top and 10 inches at the bottom.
I'm going to make the next skirt a bit longer, but my little girl loves how this twirls and bounces as she moves.
Isn't it a fun skirt?

I'm finishing up an adult version and can't wait to show you.

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