Doughnuts--you MUST make these

I've seen this recipe around and thought I would give it a go.  Oh my!  They were delicious.  This recipe is going in the binder and is now a new family favorite.  
This is a horrible picture with bad lighting because it was at night, these were so good there weren't any left in the morning.  My hubby made the dough for me because he stayed home from church with a sick child--he did a great job.  Ree Drummond on the Pioneer Woman does a great job explaining every little detail of the recipe.  I did purchase a thermometer, it only cost $3.75! 
The doughnuts were just sweet enough. The outside was crisp with a perfect fluffy inside that melted in your mouth. The kiddos loved the doughnut holes--just right for little hands.
Here is the picture of Ree's doughnuts just in case you weren't tempted by my treats.
Mine did look like this, I promise. 
Eat them with a little fresh Apple Cider and you will be in Fall heaven.

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