Halloween 2009

Should I feel guilty that I bought my little guys costume this year?  It was $12 at Costco--how could I pass it up when it would cost me more in material and time to make it?  For my little girl she wants to be Sleeping Beauty--at our house she is called Cinda-cutie.  I had to convince her that she really didn't want to be Penny, from Bolt.  Once she saw all the princess costumes at Target she said she changed her mind.  I have all the satin and just need to sit down and design and make the costume.  Here is a peek at her princess costume from last year.
This dress a was a bit heavy because it had 15 yards of material.
She looked quite the part as Belle.
 The inspiration
The pattern.  I know Belle's dress is off the shoulders--but a 3 year old does not need to dress like an adult.

I'm linking up here and hope you will to, give us all some costume inspiration.
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Jessica Cook said...

that dress is GORGEOUS! I wish I was that talented!!!
stoping by from OlivaRenn!

Happy Blogging!


Mormishmom said...


HoneyScrap said...

Oh my!!! Is it sad that I want one for myself?? Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Laura@Corner House said...

So Beautiful. Good work. I am still to intimidated to try something like that. I would love it if you would link this post on my Halloween Costume Linky party! www.corner--house.blogspot.com

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