Train Quilt

Do you ever feel like people hate your children?  I took mine to the fabric store and the oldest one wanted to tickle the youngest.  The youngest doesn't like to be touched--so he would scream each time my oldest would touch him.  At one point an employee came running back to see if everything was okay.  I was a bit confused as to why she was running back to help me--then I remembered that most people aren't used to little voices shrieking for no apparent reason.  My fabric was cut at record speed--other employees came to get us out of there as fast as possible help.  Last time we were there my daughter set off the emergency exit alarm.  Fun times!
I only have two children--how do people shop or get anything done with more children?  
Back to the shopping trip.  My little guy saw this train fabric amongst all the fabric and starting yelling "Choo! Choo!"  I pulled it out to quiet him and thought it was pretty cute fabric.  I'm not a big fan of panel quilts--it kind of takes the fun out of quilting--in my opinion.  When we got to the cutting table I tried to sneak the fabric back but he saw it and wanted it cut.  It was a good deal so I got it.  This last weekend my parents were in town and my mom brought her sewing machine. 
She was able to piece a border together--it went together perfectly.  The corners lined up and we didn't really measure anything.  After the top was put together I pinned the front, batting and back.  My mom wanted to get out and enjoy the amazing weather and took the kids to the park.  While she was out I quilted it.  I love her sewing machine and realized that I have outgrown mine--I'm not so much a beginner anymore.

Do you like the gloves?  I needed the traction so my hands wouldn't hurt after I was done, it worked great.
We wanted a simple border and loved how it turned out.
The background tied the colors in perfectly, and worked well with the quilting.
The yellow binding and small border on the front helped the quilt to "pop"

Have any fun fabric store shopping experiences?


Ellen said...

My children like to pretend they are bolts of fabric and get on the lower shelf, stand real stiff, and quiet. One time I thought I lost them. They really just blended in so nicely with the fleece that I over looked them. It's the giggles that give it away. If they only new how fast my heart beats when they do that! I'm going to have to find the pictures of it and blog it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

malia said...

This is gorgeous! And taking children to the fabric store isn't my fav either. I try and scoot over there solo if possible bc my sweeties make me nuts in the store. Would love for you to share this at A Crafty Soiree at www.yesterdayontuesday.com xoxo malia

jackiebean said...

hi there! i'm stopping by from the crafty soiree over at miss malia's blog.

the quilt is fabulous. you and your mom did a wonderful job. the train fabric is adorable!

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