Halloween Kids Craft

Doing crafts with children can raise your blood pressure.  It's messy, if you are a control freak it is hard to let a child do something that could end in a mess.  That being said I think this project is doable and fun for everyone for children ages 4 and up.  My little guy was taking a nap, I wouldn't have attempted this if he had been awake.
I bought a 5 pack of t-shirts at Walmart along with some fabric paint.  We had a cousin visiting us for a few days and wanted him to make a souvenir.  We did this project outside, because the weather was fantastic and paint on grass is easy to clean.  Before we started I set a few ground rules:
1. Squeeze gently.
2. Use one paint at a time.
3.  Recap the paint when you are done with it.
Here is a spider web--I taught the children how to squeeze gently.  For the most part they were really good about not squeezing out too much.  My princess made a huge pile of white paint--when it dried it was much flatter.  They had such a great time doing this.

I also bought matching sweats and added a spider web to the side of one of the legs.  One of the webs is sliver, the other is glow-in-the-dark.  I would suggest buying an extra glow-in-the-dark bottle, it is a popular color.
Memories and Fun...what more could you ask for?

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