Happy November

How was your October?  Did you have a great Halloween?  I've spent the last week watching my sisters kids while she and her husband are in Europe--lucky ducks.  It's been an adventure taking care of 5 kids.  My October was a super busy month, crazy but fun.  My little girl lost her second tooth too.  I thought you would find this x-ray interesting.  This is the shot from her last visit 6 months ago, you can see the bottom teeth ready to come up.  It was an adventure to pull out the tooth, it was really loose.  The tooth wouldn't even stand up straight anymore, but it wouldn't come out.  We even had floss wrapped around it and she couldn't pull it out--so I just grabbed the floss and pulled it out.  It brought back so many memories when I would wiggle her tooth.  Now I need to make a tooth pillow.  She put the tooth under her pillow and it moved and fell between the bed and the wall so the tooth fairy couldn't get the tooth.
I have a little project to show you next week that I finished while the kids were at school and I had some time to myself.  Hope you are excited for the Holidays just around the corner.

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Rachel Kate said...

Thanks for your help on the tie shorts :) I think I ended up doing the same thing! Great blog xo

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