Pin-It Up Thursday...Cinnamon Wreath

Another Pinterest craft.
 I sent this link to my mom because I knew she had a lot of cinnamon in her craft supplies.  While I was out visiting family last month she gave me a box full of cinnamon to make my own wreath.


To find out how to make your own wreath click to continue...

I had 4 bags of 10 inch long cinnamon sticks
I cut each stick to a 6 inch length
This was just a smigden of the pile of extra sticks (my 3 year old loved sitting next to me, he played with this pile the hole time I was gluing)
I found a plate that would work in the center of the 12 inch wood form
One by one I glued the sticks on.
Here's the first layer.  I took some of the shorter sticks and placed them in the large "v" spaces.  This helped fill in gaps and made gluing the second and third layers much easier.
Here it is with all three layers.  I used a burlap garland (found next to the wood wreath form at Michaels) to hang the wreath.
I don't know how to change the exposure on my camera to get it to show the wreath more and not the light coming in--someday I will figure it out.
It looks pretty good hanging in the middle of the bay windows.  And the smell from the cut cinnamon sticks is so good.  This is an easy project and would make a great gift.  I don't know how much the cinnamon sticks are-but I'm sure you can find them in bulk at any cooking store.

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