Entertainment Center to Classic Kitchen

This was the last project I competed with on Crafting with the Stars-I am a little disappointed that I didn't go further.  I'm really not complaining though because my October has been so busy that it was a blessing that I didn't go further in the competition.  I will have to share what my other two projects were going to be.  But here is the kitchen....
Isn't it cute?  It was really fun to work on and gratifying to see the end result.
 Every little detail was fun to plan and carry out.
 This took a lot of mod-podge just so you know.
 The curtains are much cuter in person-but apparently are not very photogenic.
 The sink, the knobs actually turn and so does the spout.

 Every thing that could be spray painted red was-knobs & hinges.  I painted the faucet too.
It's been fun to watch the kids play and have a kitchen that is actually tall enough for my little giants.

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