Doll House Remodel-Part 4

Part 4


Now that the floors are finished I was able to pick up some shingles and get the roof done.  I found some single split shingles at Hobby Lobby back in August.  Following the instructions on the packet I marked the shingle lines on the front and back roofs.

Then I plugged in the glue gun and went to work.
Starting at the bottom row I glued about three shingles down at a time.  If you do this make sure your 3 and 5 year old are not right next to you trying to help and see what you are doing.  Your hand will probably get burned and you will want to curse.
 Ta-da!  Doesn't it look cuter?
I need 6 or 7 more shingles and there is not a Hobby Lobby within 8 hours of my home-so I just moved on to the next step.
Paint.  I mixed these three colors together and even painted a light coat of just brown to give it a little more depth.
The dark paint completely changes the look of the house.
 I just painted where the missing shingles go-that way it isn't blatantly obvious that it is missing some.
Roofing is done-now the finish work begins.

And just in case you missed the other parts of the remodel here you go...
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Karen said...

Are there any more parts in the Doll House Remodel?


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