Dollar Store Halloween Frame

On the top of my piano for Halloween I have pictures of each of the Halloween's that we have had children.  This will be our 6th Halloween with kiddos-it makes the holiday so much more fun.  The kids like to look at the  pictures and remember what they were from each year.  It is fun to see how much they have grown from year to year too.  Last year the entire family dressed up and I finally printed off the pictures this week (dad and little guy were the Man in the Yellow Hat & Curious George, I was a cat and my little princess was Sleeping Beauty.)
The fun part about having the piano filled with festive frames is that they become decorations for the holiday too.
Here's just a sampling of the top of the piano.

For the newest frame I went to the dollar store.
I got all the supplies but the glue.
I started by gluing a line of eyes to 3 of the sides.
Then I started added eyes to the front of the frame.
Once all the eyes were glued on I let it sit for about 30 minutes so the glue would set.
I cleaned the glass put in the picture and put it on the piano.

Our 2010 Halloween.

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Frances said...

What I love in the Halloween season is that I get to see the fruits of the creativity juice in each person! This certainly beats the Alice in Wonderland costumes and crafts which are already available at stores but cost way too much!

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