Costume #2-Flynn Rider

For the last few months my little guy told me he wanted to be a pirate-a blue pirate.  We have been to several fabric stores looking for blue and white striped fabric.  As soon as I bought the fabric he started telling me he wanted to be Flynn Rider, oh well at least this was a fun costume to make.  I didn't fight much because his older sister's costume was already done-Rapunzel
This is just the basic costume--he also has a satchel and a frying pan (I'll show you those next time)
My favorite part of the costume is the vest.  I had this fabric in my stash-it is an old shirt of my hubby's and just happens to be the perfect color.
He also has boots but did NOT want to wear them for this particular moment.  I will show you the complete costume next time too.

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