Pin-It Up Thursday...Jute Table Runner

I love good deals and using supplies on hand to create something terrific.
This table runner was made from material I had on hand and when I bought it it was a crazy good deal-a win win for me.

I like the simplicity and neutrality of this table runner.  You can add any flower or vase for a pop of color or seasonal decoration.  I had lots and lots of upholstery jute (I don't know what it really is called-it is used for the seat in some upholstery, before you put a cushion on)
This project was pretty straight forward and didn't take much time.  Once I wove it and pinned in place I stitched around the outside edges to secure.
I don't know if I can iron it, hopefully I can so it will lay a little more flat.
Now to find some fun vases to top it off.

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