Costume #1

My October has been a very very busy month.  We are going to be celebrating Halloween with my sister's family for the first time this year-it's going to be a surprise for my kids.  I wanted to finish the costumes early so I wasn't stressed before parties and our trip.  So here is costume #1...
SURPRISE! It's Rapunzel!  I think the streets will be covered in little girls with long blond hair and purple dresses this year.  
The dress was fun to sew and has lots of fun details, but the best part of the costume by far...

A full blown wig!
 I've been trying to figure out how to make long hair for this costume for a long time, at first I was just going to make an attachable pony-tail--that plan had to change when we chopped off her hair.
 I braided the wig so the hair wasn't always tangled and so it was easier to play with it on.
 Ribbons and lace make the sleeves magical.
 Woven ribbon helps it look like a corset
I could have made the wig longer but cut if for several reasons.

Come back on Monday and I will show you how I made the wig.

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TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said...

Wow, this is amazing!! Great job!!
I came over after you commented on my fish scale wall art and had to check you out!
I am your newest follower and would love the follow back ;)
Totally digging your blog, well done!

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