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The other night my family and I were out for an evening stroll & just like that a crisp breeze child us and we knew the summer was over.  With the change of season looming I usually start thinking of spring--I know it sounds crazy to just skip over winter---but now is the time to think about what flowers you want to see blooming in the Spring.

 We have the traditional daffodils, tulips & hyacinths, but would love to expand our collection.  It seems to be a guessing game as to what bulbs would work best.  Thanks to Mircle-Gro Gardenieres you can now ask a real-life gardening enthusiast with real-world experience lots of gardening questions.  

I would love to plant some bulbs in my front yard and learned a bit about it from watching this video: 

Wouldn't it be great if you followed Teena Spindler's advice this fall so you could enjoy the pop of color in the spring? One key to success that I have found is to always use Miracle-Gro potting mix.  This summer we used the off brand to save a bit of money--we won't be making that mistake again.  Next year we will be using the good stuff.


 (1) Miracle-Gro The pop of color spring bulbs provide always make me happy and make the cold harsh winter a little more barable.

New plants are always fun and exciting, but you can't forget about your existing plants.  We live in a high altitude dessert, and trees are so valuable.  The don't grow by themselves, we have to water and ferilize to keep them looking beautiful.  Watching a video from one of the Gardenieres reminded me that it that time of year to insert our Miracle-Gro Tree Spikes


These tree spikes are great-you insert them into the ground a viola you have balanced feeding for deciduous trees and shrubs.

And what would be better than to make new gardening friends?  Not much.  Check out and "like" the Miracle-Gro Facebook page to find those with similar gardening interests.


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