Super Hero Family: Wonderwoman

I think this is was my favorite costume to make.  Thor is my favorite to see in person--it's just cool.

Here's the inspiration for the wonderwoman costume:
Yep, how is a 6 year old supposed to wear this costume...to school...to a church function...out trick-or-treating in 40 degrees???  I took the general concept and made it modest and warmer.
The sparkly skirt is awesome.  At the last minute I found the tutu/pettiskirt at Target and grabbed it, it made it more girly and fun.
 I found some red shiny stretchy material and made my own pattern following a shirt that fits my girl well. The skirt is a circle skirt sewn on to the red top.  The back of the shirt is cut down the middle with velcro added so she can get in and out easily.
 I used fusible interfacing to keep the gold as the base, then sewed on the trimming.
 I used tennis shoes covered in one of my knee socks, then wrapped it in red duct tape finished with one stripe of white down the middle.
Awesome boots--and their not slippery.
The gold belt goes all around with the sequines.  I added the arm bands to the sleeves to help finish off the costume.  The crown is just bobby pinned to the wig--my 4 year old has pointed out several times that the crown needs a red star.

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