Super Hero Family: Robin

I broke down a few weeks ago and bought a Captain America costume for my 4 year old--it was just easier than making that costume.  Then we started talking about what our 5 month and 6 year old should be too.  I was perusing Pinterest when the 4 and 6 year old saw a picture of the avengers.  So I showed them some other super heroes..and that's how we decided to be a family of superheroes.

So the boy is captain america..I'm not going to take a picture of this costume to post here. But you can imagine what it looks like.  I wanted to do a coordinating costume for mom and baby...we found this idea:
I dabbled with the idea of the baby being batman and mom being robin, but it just didn't work out that way.
Ta-Da! A baby robin costume
With cape and coordinating shoes.
I found a 12 month shirt at walmarto--cheap and the perfect color.  I added yellow tabs and appliqued them on.  I also tapered the shirt just a tad do it was drowning my baby.
Then added the R for robin.  I cut out a green circle skirt and sewed it directly on to the shirt.  The sleeves were a bit long so I ruched the entire length of each sleeve.
The cape is another circle, cut in half with the two halves sewn together.
You can see the circles here, and the ruching on the sleeves.  The cape is perfect in that it doesn't get in the way, but still add the design element.
I didn't add masks--I hate masks on costumes--they are annoying and you can't tell who the person is.  So none of our family costumes have masks.
 Maybe I will add some bloomers.
This robin is just cute.  :o)

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