Bandanna Dress & Tutorial

I've had this dress idea in my head for a few weeks.  I've looked around the web and couldn't find any how-to's.  So I went to cutting and sewing and love the end result.

3 Bandannas
Trimmings (opt)
Button (opt)

I like loose fitting play dresses for my princess--it has room to grow and lots of room to twirl, flip, wrestle with her brother and Dad.  The skirt needed to be attached to a shirt to get the effect I wanted.  I also wanted the bias look of the triangles of a bandanna.
I got a 5 pack of shirts for $6.25 at Walmarto
This needed to be brought in a bit.  I made general guidelines with permanent marker.
 Straight stitch down the lines.
Serge next to straight stitch, or trim and zigzag
Ta-Da a more fitted shirt.
Fold Bandanna in half, and cut down the center.
For each half measure 4 inches from center and make a notch.
Do not skip this step!
Line up two different trianagles, right sides together
at the notches.
Sew from notches to end of skirt, leaving the 8 inches in the middles 
(the 8 inches will be gathered later and sewn to the shirt at the waist)
Zig-zag the edges, unless you like to change your serger thread
I serged the top of the skirt because it won't be seen.  Sew a long
stitch around the top of the skirt--pull to gather and pin right
sides together (shirt & skirt)
Flip out--and wahlaa--a bandanna skirt.
This still looks like a boys shirt with a skirt on it.
Sew a little trim around the sleeves and neckline.
Add some elastic just above the hem on the sleeve--pull
tight the entire time you are sewing to get the gathered look.
Make a flower, this pattern worked well. I left one triangle out for any embellishments.
I like it.
She has been twirling since she tried the dress on and hasn't stopped (hence the fuzzy photo)
She loves how it spreads out when she sits down.
This was a fun easy project.  It turned out exactly like I imagined.

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