Easter Eggs

I love Easter, but I don't like too much commercialism surrounding religious holidays.  When I was in kindergarten I remember making baskets out of balloons and strings.  After some searching I finally found a good way to make them again. And my budget for decorating right now is almost nothing.  This project cost me about $2---for the balloons.  I had the string on hand, given to me from a garage clean out, and the glue I am thinking is from my hubby's college days.
This was a great project for my little helper.  She wanted to play in the glue more than actually doing the project, I'm always glad to have her help. I would suggest doing the project outside, or put a lot of freezer paper or newspaper to protect surfaces--you are working with glue! 

You will need: yarn or string, I used embroidery thread.  I cut 30-40 3 foot strands.  A balloon, blown up to 6-8 inches, and some glue.  Mix 1 part glue to 1 part water.  I mixed it in a paper plate--making it really easy to lay the string in and pull off any excess liquid. (There are no pictures of the process, because my hands were too sticky to pick up a camera)
You can lay it on in a random pattern or...
wrapped around the balloon.  Either way let the balloons dry overnight.
Cut a hole somewhere in the balloon and let it slowly deflate.  You may need to help the stuck strings.
You'll love the way these look.
Hang them from the chandalier to get an impressive little nest.


House of Smith's said...

Ooo! Awesome craft!
Looks very cool!
I like your idea about the shower curtain!
And I hadn't thought about the ease of being able to replace it!
Thanks for the suggestion!

Elissa said...

Oh....I love this! I made something very similar to this as a young girl in my church youth group. I have thought it would be great to do again, but couldn't remember how we made them. I'm so glad I found yours!
And, I so agree with you about the commercialism surrounding Easter. You have a very beautiful blog!

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