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So, my little guy (who I love and adore very much) is a handful.  I am 5'10" my hubby is 6'5" so our children are not on the low end of the height chart.  So with tall babies come long arms--and a huge amount of curiosity.  While cooking dinner a few months ago my little guy wanted to see what I was looking at.  He pulled my huge recipe binder off the counter and kaboom--all my neatly organized recipes went whooosh!  I picked them up and put them back in only to realize that my binder ring was broken--so every time I wanted to look at a dessert or any recipe not in my first two sections I would have to re-bind half of the recipes.  Errrr!  Now that I have put my binder back together several times I have realized that I have way too many recipes that I don't use.

To help me organize my recipe binder and slim down my collection I have decided to start showing you some of my yummy recipes here on the blog.  Then when I feel like it I can either find them here or print them off into my own recipe book--hmmm, maybe that would be a good Christmas present for the women in the family.
 Look for a recipe later today or tomorrow.

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Artfulife said...

I keep mine in a binder like this also. However they are starting to spill over, so I think I'll be getting another binder very soon. Can't wait to try your pot pie recipe :)

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