Easter Dress

 It's only taken my 13 months to complete this little dress.  I saw something similar in the Wooden Solider catalog and began the smocking process.  Then we decided to up and move--not conducive to sewing or any crafting.  And I have a little guy who likes to explore everything, which meant I was child proofing and nursing, and unpacking and everything but sewing.  I didn't start sewing again until we had been in our house for 3-4 months. 
So as I was making my works-in-progress list this dress was on it.  When I pulled it out to finish the smocking and realized that all I had to do was finish embroidering the little leaves around the flowers I was mad.  It took me 1/2 and hour and then I was on to cutting out the pattern.
Smocking is not hard--if you can stitch a straight line and love to make adorable dresses you should give it a try.  I have a pleating machine, but I did not use it on this dress--plaids make it really easy to pleat your own material.  

I used different pieces from different patterns; one from McCalls (from the 80's), another from simplicity, and the collar from Butterick.  The front of the bodice took a little time to get it just right.  I had my little princess try it on every step of the way to make sure the armholes and neck were just right. I believe every dress needs a bow in the back--it really helps to make it fit perfectly, and it looks cute.
 She requested that it have buttons and a bow in the back--I like buttons and bows on dresses because it makes them easily adjustable for growth.
I promised her jelly beans if she would go outside in the almost snowy wind to take a few pictures (she is shivering here and moaning about the cold)  She tells me that she loves her dress--and is so excited to have an Easter dress.


Karen said...


Gail :) said...

It is so pretty!!! I bet she is so happy you finished it now. She looks adorable in it too!

Tiffanie said...

that's a beautiful dress, jo! can you make me one????? ha ha!

winterpeachblog said...

Congrats on finishing it! I have projects older than 13 months old :) Arlene

Care said...

It's so pretty!! PERFECT for Easter!

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