Circle Skirts

Dana was right, when is she ever wrong, the circle skirt is so simple and a must for any beginner sewer. 
One for my little princess and another for me, in 90 minutes!
The purple skirt is satin, easy enough to work with for this pattern.  Dana's directions were great, and very detailed.
Another twirling favorite.
My skirt is a knit, I thought it would be more challenging--the knit made it even easier because I didn't have to finish off the edges.  The challenging part of the skirt was the pattern.  Making a paper wide enough to fit the length of the skirt I wanted was the most challenging part of it all.
 This fabric was a great find in the clearance bin.  The stripes are my favorite part.
Even looking down at the skirt makes me smile...


Karen said...

Love it! Especially the stripes, the way it hangs is amazing. Fun, fun, fun!

Ellen said...

Lovely skirts! When I do circle skirts a use a string the length that I want it plus a little for seems. Put the string in the corner and the other end tied to a pen. Draw a semi-circle from one edge to the other using the corner as a pivot point. I do this for 2 semi circles. No patterns no mess. have acute little Mini Mouse skirt made this way for Halloween last year that my daughter decided not to wear. I keep it around just in case.

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

I'm loving the stripes on that skirt! They are just oh so cool looking!

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