Love One Another

We've been in our house for a little over a year now.  I'm getting the itch to decorate now, not just move furniture around.  It will take time, especially with my two little helpers.  My two little helpers have a love hate relationship--don't most two and four year old's?  They seem to get along most of the time, until one hits the other or takes a toy away.  To hopefully generate a more loving relationship I made this artwork for their bedroom.
 For the "Love" piece I printed off Love in one font and one another in a different font.  I would have liked to used vinyl, but my budget and time didn't allow for that.
Using a pencil color the back side of the paper.  Use a ball point pen to trace the outline of the letters onto your painted piece of wood.
The black is just acrylic and the paint I used to fill in the letters and for the background of the cameo is from a sample from Home Depot.
Use a small paint brush and paint the edges.  This took a little time.
I used the same process for the "one another."  This part took the longest because of the fine lines.
The cameo's weren't too hard.  
I hung them above their closet so they could look at them as they fell asleep.
After I hung them up my little girl laid on her bed and said, "Now I have pictures in my room, lets put pictures all over my room."

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What I Did Today said...

What a great idea! I really like how this turned out. I'll probably be needing this for my own kids in the next few years - since the oldest has already started bossing her baby sister around.

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