Men's to Mine...Part 3...Sleeves

With my basic pattern for a shirt I wanted to try different sleeve lengths.

Now that the days are getting cooler a 1/2 sleeve works well.

Long sleeve shirts are always hard for me to find.  Have you heard that your arm span in supposed to be as wide as you are tall?  Well my arm span is more like a gorilla...it's at least two inches longer than my height. So finding a long sleeve shirt that is actually long enough is always an adventure.  Even when I do find one that has sleeves long enough I wash it once and it is 3/4 length sleeve--This drives me crazy.  I don't buy 3/4 length shirts because I feel like the shirt shrunk.
Aren't those sleeves gloriously long?
Love it!


Karen said...

You are amazing :)

malia said...

I love long sleeves myself. I have long arms (!) so this shirt would be a dream for me.

ines said...

Love it. Have you got an tutorial for makeing a shirt like the shown one? Would love to try one for myself.


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