Pink & Pleated Knock-Off Skirt

The knock-off skirt is so fun to sew and watch my little girl twirl in.  After finishing the yellow & black skirt (that she hasn't put on since the photo shoot) I wanted to make a pink skirt.  I asked the little princess if she would wear it if I made a pink one--yes mommy, she said.
So it would make logical sense that she didn't want to actually put the skirt on when I finished it.  Or the next day or the next.  I wanted to show you the finished product--you will just have to imagine it dancing and twirling around.
The light pink is a cotton batiste, the gingham is a chiffon fabric.  Once again the front is flat and the back has an elastic in the waist.
Instead of gathering the skirt I pinned boxed pleats to give it a little more formal look.  I love the skirt and received quite the compliment from my little princess when she told me she wanted to wear it to church--usually an occasion reserved for her dress collection.  That was why she didn't want to wear it for a few days.

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Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I love it and would wear it! :)

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