Dresser Organization

My 2 1/2 year old has moved out of his crib and into a big bed.  So we had to do a little furniture shuffle and I took the opportunity to organize the dressers. 
 Since both of my children can't read yet I used clipart in Word, printed then color the pictures and laminated the cards.
 I didn't want them to be taped on or permament in any way.  I punched a hole in each card and tied it on with a ribbon.
 I printed off two of each set and colored them with boy and girl colors.  My little guy loves to tell me what is on each picture.
 Short sleeved shirts.
 Long Pants
 This side of the drawer has shorts, undershirts, and underwear.
 I punched two holes in this card because it was too long going vertically.
 Inside the drawers and used plastic bins and shoe boxes to keep like things together.
 The top drawer has all my little guys shorts and short sleeves, when the weather finally gets warmer I am going to move the drawer down one so he will be able to get the clothes himself-or put them away :)
 My daughter's dresser has smaller drawers and didn't need dividers in each drawer.
The middle drawer was perfect for some bins I had on hand and left plenty of space for all the tights.
In the closet all have hanging are Sunday clothes, skirts and dresses.  It has simplified the process and makes putting away clothes much easier.

So far this system seems to be working well and hope this idea can help you too.

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