Google Eye Bunny Eggs

Google Eye Bunny Eggs

Plastic Easter Eggs
Google Eyes
Tacky Glue
Pom Poms
Foam or Felt

Cut out bunny ears and feet.

Glue ears, feet and eyes to eggs. I found clothes pins worked great to keep ears, and eyes from sliding down the eggs.

While we were waiting for the glue to dry we had a cousin's easter egg hunt.
Somehow this one ended up in my little guys basket--it was fun to see some eyes looking out from the basket.

Once they're all dry line them up for a bunny hop.
Yes, they need noses and wiskers, but for little hands this was a perfect project. 

And have you seen this?

Tacky Glue in a very squeezable tube! I love how this is packaged!  It made gluing a breeze and it wasn't a mess to clean up.

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