Food Storage?

We have been concentrating a lot of our family efforts on building up our food storage.  But I have to confess I have no idea how to use dried beans.
I tried soaking beans once--it didn't end well. 
After some research I think the beans were too old. 

I have this idea that I should use the food in my food storage on a daily or weekly basis, so it will rotate well and if we are ever solely dependent on our food storage I will know how to use everything in it.
So today I am soaking beans again in an attempt to use some of my food storage.

If the recipe works out well I will share it.

On a sewing note, I have been in my sewing room for hours this week.  My neighbor has 5 girls and I am sewing easter dresses for 3 of them.  We went to the fabric store last week and spent 3 hours there!  Thank goodness for awesome neighbors who are willing to watch your children so you can have a great time in a fabric store.

Hope to post some projects soon.

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