Go To Dress...#5 Shirred Tunic

This is the last dress of the Go-To Dresses.
  It has been so fun to create different dresses using the same pattern.  Once again the orginal Go-To Dress Pattern and Tutorial are found HERE.

Dress #5 Shirred Tunic
 Start with a adult large t-shirt.
 Cut the sleeves off.
 Cut out the dress. I cut it short for my 5 year old (she is really tall, I planned on this being a tunic from the start)
 Using the cut out sleeves I did not fold them over, but used the existing hem as the edge.
 Once again I wanted more ruffle and more coverage, I cut longer and wider.
Sewn according to the tutorial.

Now for the waistband.

I measured from the bottom of the dress and drew a line across the front and back of the dress.
Following the marked line I sewed using elastic thread in the bobbin, tight tension and long stitch length.
 When I was close to the beginning of my stitching I slowly stitched about 1/4 away and lined up the outside edge of the presser foot to the stitch and continued this until there were three continuous lines.
 Shirred waistband.
Add some steam.

 For a little fun I cut four triangles and ironed on wonder under.
 Sew a small piece of bias tape.
 Position the triangles and iron on. Then zig-zag around the edges.
Add a button to finish it off.
 I love the sleeves and the shirred waist.  Simple and fun.
 The dress.  This pattern makes a fun dress, any little girl wearing it has a hard time standing still-because it induces jumping, runing, and twirling.
This has been such a fun week (really 2) full of these dresses.  I'm anxious to find another pattern to do this with.  Maybe it will need to be a boys pattern-he's feeling a bit neglected.

Here are the links to the other dresses...

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