Spring Break

Next time I plan a week of blogging anything I will make sure not to plan it with a birthday in the middle of it.  My little girl turned 5 and I spent basically two days celebrating.  So the Go-To Dress Week will be extended through part of this week.
I have two more dress to show you, but wanted to take a spring break to show you these lovelys...
 I cut these Forsythia branches a few days ago before they were blooming.  If you can't tell, my vases are mason jars.
 I like the spring look it brings to the mantel.
 I plopped two easter eggs on the spanish moss to bring in some more color.
Gotta Love Spring!
On Saturday we went to Home Depot and found out the barn owls that reside in the garden center had two new babies.  We were about four feet away from this little guy, isn't the fluff great?--don't worry the mommy was perched gaurd above us watching very closely.  All the employees talk about the owls and can tell you everything about them.
I love the colors and smells of spring.  After I post the other two dresses I'm really excited to show you a new skirt pattern I made!

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