Amish Quilt

My grandparents lived in Maryland for almost 20 years.  While they lived there they would often drive up to Amish country in Pennsylvania.  Besides great bakeries to eat at and beautiful scenery to behold, when you go visit you can't but help to notice the quilts.  During one of the visits my Grandma bought an Amish quilt.
When my mom came out to visit me a little while ago she brought out the quilt.  My grandma had given it to her, but my mom thought since I like to quilt so much that I would love to have an authentic Amish quilt.
 It's not the traditional black fabric with plain colored fabric that I've seen, but it is beautiful.  It reminds me of the the styles my Grandma always picks out too.
The hand quilting is perfect.  Each stitch is exactly the same length.
The back is just as fun to look at as the front because of the quilting designs.
Last year my mom was in Hershey, Pennsylvania and made it to an Amish quilt shop.  There was an Amish lady there purchasing fabric so my mom asked her to pick out fabrics that she would use in a quilt and my mom bought enough to make a quilt--can't wait to see that quilt mom:)

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