A Light Dusting

While in Utah, in May, I stopped at one of my favorite stores.

I seriously have to make a budget and a list before I head into the store.  Who doesn't love kitchen gadgets?  Now that I know they have an online store I might just have to order some things :o)

One of the things I picked up were these little shakers
I have been looking for containers like these for some time.  Ikea didn't have what I was looking for, but these were perfect.
 Click to see what I did with the shakers.

I found some vinyl stickers and labeled one Flour, the other Powdered Sugar.
I had enough letters to label both shakers twice--so there won't be mistaking which one is which.
Doesn't this lemon bar look lonely?
One shake later and you have a perfect sprinkling of powdered sugar.
I plan on using the flour shaker to cover a surface before rolling out dough.

Now on to bake some yummy treats.  Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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