Patriotic Mantel

I haven't decorated my mantel since the Spring.  I haven't decorated because I haven't really found something that I wanted to do.  I've been saving leftover glass jars knowing that someday I wanted to try the milk glass effect-I've seen it on several blogs so it's not an original idea.
I only used three for the mantel, the fourth is going to go in my living room.
Pour the paint in the jar, slowly move it around and downward.  This paint is from this project.
The blue is from the kitchen mat up-cycle project.  The red is a sample jar from Home Depot.  I didn't use white on the jar on the right because I didn't want it to blend in too much with the white mantel and the white flowers.
Following the tutorial by Dana I made some paper napkins.  I used three layers instead of two.
Isn't it pretty?
I found a package of huge red Ikea napkins in my stash too.
I found the ants at Coldwater Creek at the beginning of April-I thought they looked summerish.
So there you have my Patriotic Summer Mantel.

1 comment:

Andrea . Charcoal and Crayons said...

Very lovely... and the ants are the perfect whimsical touch!

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