Cut-Offs to...Cute Bermuda Shorts

Growing up after a year of school my mom would cut off our jeans and these would be our summer shorts.  I'm sure she did it to save money and because it is so hard to find shorts long enough.  Who wants to wear super short shorts to a park and burn your legs as you go down the slide?  Or stick to a bench because it is too hot and you have bare skin?  We found out my oldest will be starting kindergarten next month--in the middle of summer.  Looking at her wardrobe I wanted to add some fun summer-school appropriate things.
My neighbor gave us a whole bunch of jeans and pants. 
They fit my daughter perfectly, but they won't fit through the winter.  These pants are baggy and fit fine, but I wanted to summerize them.
I cut off just above the embroidered part.  I cut the left leg first and laid it on top of the right leg to make sure they were even.
The ruffle is 2.5" I didn't connect the ends to make it flare out a little more.  To finish off the opening I added a botton.
The belt is also 2.5" wide and double sided.  The other side is a solid purple.
The back pocket still has embroidery on it-I think it goes with the pink quite well.
These are the perfect length to help keep the legs cool enough during summer months-and perfectly protected at the playground.

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April@ Natural Nester said...

So cute!! That gives me an idea for transforming my toddler's pants. It's so hard to find pants that fit her in the waste AND the legs, but this might be a solution for some thrift store jeans I got her. Thanks!

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